Motion Sensor Night Light Portable

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Motion Sensor Night Light Portable

1. Application: Under bed, bedside, corridor, wardrobe, drawer, cupboard, cabinet, bar, kitchen, closet

2. Function: The light will work automatically when you enter the sensing area in the darkness. The light include the lithium battery or you can charge it with with USB wire, convenient installation.

3 Mode: AUTO-OFF-ON three mode.

AUTO Mode: The light ON when you pass by and OFF automatically 15 seconds later.

●ON Mode: The light keep on.

●OFF Mode: The light off.

4. Induction method: Infrared sensor in darkness

5. Wattage:●10.6cm: 1.5W  ●16.6cm: 2W ●28.6cm: 3W ●38.6cm: 5W

6. Input charging voltage: 5V,1A

7. Sensing range: Angle:≤120°, within 2-5 meters.

8. Installation: Take off the adhesive strip and stick it to the place where you want to fix it with the adhesive, and install the lamp by using magnet.

9. Battery charging: Red light: Charging.

Green light: Charge Complete.

10.This light is No-waterproof, please use it in dry environment.

Note: Lithium battery inside, please use it under 50 Celsius and away from fire.